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My fifth grade year book proving my "Future Goal" was to be an "Author".


Me in, I believe, Pennsylvania. I took this during my honeymoon in the Catkills. My husband and I found a small town in PA not too far from where we were staying with a comic book shop and a brewery in it. Yup, we're those people! :-)

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Took a break while touring Ernest Hemingway's house in Key West, FL (#paradise) to do a little writing.


My name is Lisa Hodorovych. I am the owner of Quoth the Writer, L.L.C. I am also a published author and a blogger.

I am a Jersey girl, born and raised. Ever since I was little I have always loved telling stories. I remember when my family would come over for certain holidays, I would tell them a plethora of different stories that I just made up and they would listen...or at least I thought they were.


When I started going to school, the elementary school I attended had a "small publishing company" in it that was run by some parents. I would constantly give them stories to "publish" for me. Even in my fifth grade yearbook, under my photo, I put "Author" under "Future Goal". It was like I knew what my destiny was!


While studying Creative Writing (and English Literature and Communications) at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ, I worked for their literary journal, The Literary Review. Even though I was doing odd and end jobs like filing, making copies, organizing, etc., I also learned about editing and proofreading. This is where my love and passion for the publishing world started.

After graduating in 2009, it was extremely hard for me to find any job in the publishing industry, so I went back into retail to make ends meet. Finally, in September of 2015, a friend of mine decided to go back to school to receive her Masters in Teaching. She needed help with her papers and I was there for her. It was work here and there, but I loved every second of it and I wanted to make it more full-time. As of 2018, I did!


When I am not working, you can find me watching movies/TV or spending time with my family, my friends, or my husband. As I mentioned earlier, I am also a published author and a blogger. To learn more about my blog and my books, just keep on scrolling.



Quoth the Writer Book Reviews & More is a blog that features reviews on books as well as interviews with the authors of those books. It also features discussions on tea and on my favorite monster movie franchise, Godzilla.

I'm sure you're wondering why I created this blog. Well, there's actually a couple of reasons why. One, I have always loved writing reviews. I’ve always loved being able to recommend something to somebody, in hopes they would like it as well. And if not, that’s perfectly fine because we are all different and unique.

Two, I wanted to be able to help out my fellow authors by sharing their work with the world. Reviews – especially good reviews – are like the holy grail for us. Knowing that someone took the time to read our work and write their opinion about it is probably the best payment out there for us (other than the royalty checks, of course).

However, as I mentioned before, the focus of this blog wasn’t just on books. I wanted to combine all of my favorite things into one place for everyone to come and discuss, safely, so I decided to include discussions on tea and Godzilla. To learn more, please visit my blog here.

I am a fiction author writing suspense/thriller, action/adventure, comedy, and romance stories. Well, not all of these genres separately. They are all thrown together into one story. If you want to learn more and stay up-to-date, please follow my author's Facebook page.

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The Disappearance

Say "Hello" to my first baby, The Disappearance.

This is my first book to be published. It is a novella, but it is only the beginning of my writing career.

Ashlynn, along with her friends, Kaden and Roman, and her brother, Glen go on vacation in Lake Minnetaha, WA. All is well until Kaden, Roman, and Glen leave Ashlynn with no clear explanation of why.

She goes on a search for them, only to find something else. No one believes what she saw, except for her dear friend, Jack. With his help, will she find out what has been watching her? Will she finally find her friends and brother?

Read and find out! You can purchase the paperback through my publisher (Serial Writer Productions), Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. You can also purchase the eBook version through Amazon