Bebe Simon's teachings were so profound and well-received by fellow Focusers that in 2014 she decided to share it with the world. Co-author, Rosa Zubizarreta helped Bebe make that dream into a reality. At the time, it was published under a different title (How I Teach Focusing: Discovering the Gift of Your Inner Wisdom) with a different cover.


In 2019, Barbara Dickinson along with Quoth the Writer's owner, Lisa Hodorovych, embarked on a "labor of love" adventure that ended in 2020 with Bebe's book getting a new title and a new cover. The new book Discovering the Gift of Your Inner Wisdom: How I Teach Focusing is now available here.


There is a $5 shipping and hangling charge, but that is for the continental U.S. only. If you're outside of the continental U.S. and would like to purchase one of Bebe's books, please contact Lisa at to figure out rates.

Bebe Simon's "How I Teach Focusing" Book