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"Although I have worked in the publishing profession over years, my 'kryptonite' is bringing projects to completion. When I asked Lisa if she could help me, and she enthusiastically said, 'Yes!', little did I know that we would be able to get three projects moving along smartly, and add another 6 prospects on top of that!

"Lisa has the ability to mind the bigger picture - which project has to move along right away - while attending to the details - superb editing of complex work. Priceless!

"She is fun to work with, yet diligent, dedicated, and efficient. Her skills at facilitating publication through all phases of production are just what I need to bring my projects 'home.' I recommend her most highly to anyone looking for any phase of publication support."


~Barbara Dickinson, August of 2019~

"I am more than happy to recommend Lisa as an editor! She has been editing my graduate level papers for the past three years.  She is consistently thorough and professional in her work.  She is also timely in returning papers by strict deadlines.  She is always a pleasure to work with and exceeds my writing needs with every assignment submitted!" ~Lisa Klink, August of 2018~

Lisa has also said, "I've never gotten less than an A on four years of grad papers, so that is a testament to your work."

Lastly, she stated about her class in Fall of 2018, "[My professor] told all of us as a class that many people don't know how to cite and that their first chapters were weak.  But she said mine was on target with citing, writing, and grammar."

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